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Charge Air Coolers
The Charge Air Cooler, also known as an after cooler or air to air cooler is a heat exchanger used to cool the air going thru a turbocharger on many varied engines, vehicles, and machinery.  Most charge air coolers (CAC's)  are made out of aluminum cores and aluminum tanks, but some are also constructed with aluminum cores and plastic tanks.  Almost all diesel-powered vehicles use CAC's as part of their cooling system package.

Lone Star Radiator carries a full line of replacement charge air coolers for many applications, and in particular for most medium and heavy duty highway trucks.  Lone Star Radiator's ability to repair aluminum also gives us an advantage over many of our competitors because of our ability to clean and repair many air coolers which might otherwise be condemned. 

A leaking charge air cooler causes a reduction in your fuel economy, so if you are experiencing problems like this, give us a call so that we can guide you making the proper decision on repair or replacement.
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