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Tube and Shell Coolers

Tube and Shell Coolers
The tube and shell oil cooler is a type of heat exchanger design.  It is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries, power plants and other large chemical processes, and is suited for higher-pressure applications. As its name implies, this type of heat exchanger consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two fluids. The set of tubes is called a tube bundle, and can be composed of several types of tubes: plain, longitudinally finned, etc.

Two fluids, of different starting temperatures, flow through the heat exchanger with one flowing through the tubes (the tube side) and the other flowing outside the tubes but inside the shell (the shell side). Heat is transferred from one fluid to the other through the tube walls, either from tube side to shell side or vice versa. The fluids can be either liquid or gas on either the shell or the tube side.

Lone Star Radiator cleans and services tube and shell coolers.  Bundles can be removed for servicing, and many of the designs allow access for the tubes to be cleaned similar to the process used in the cleaning of a radiator. During the cleaning process the end caps are removed allowing access to the tubes for cleaning. The end caps are re-attached with new gaskets, the unit is tested for additional leaks, and once sealed, the unit is then painted back to its original factory color.

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