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Custom Aluminum Radiators
If you are a performance car enthusiast, you can understand the difficulty in finding that right radiator for your car. This is even more apparent when your engine has a high horsepower output.

Lone Star Radiator is here to help you when you just can't find the right radiator for your car or truck.  Many factors go into building the right custom radiator.  We ask all the right questions before we even quote, so that when you get your new custom radiator it is going to fit right and it is going to cool right.

Everything from fin count, tube size, radiator depth, cooling fan type, horsepower rating, transmission style all affect how a radiator cools.   A lot of times a standard out of the box radiator just won't work on your particular application, and that's where Lone Star Radiator's expertise can help you.

With in house drawing capabilities, we are able to sketch out the radiator with all the correct dimensions, hose connections, and provide this data along with your radiator's mounting requirements to the plant engineers so that we know before that custom radiator goes into production, it is going to meet all of the necessary criteria to cool and to fit into your vehicle properly.

Give us a call with that hard to cool vehicle, and let Lone Star Radiator provide you with the right answers to your cooling and heating questions.

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