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On Site Field Service Repair

On Site Field Service Repair

Should the need arise, Lone Star Radiator offers on site field service repairs.  In certain instances a radiator can sometimes be repaired on site so that time and cost to remove a radiator for a quick repair is minimized.

Lone Star Radiator's technical field service staff can make a quick repair on your site or out in the field in order to get a radiator back into service as quickly as possible.  A few factors are dependent upon this, but our staff knows the questions to ask in order to determine whether or not a field service repair is possible.

We provide pick and delivery service 24/7 anywhere and have a fleet of trailers to pull in those large radiators and heat exchangers to our facility for repair.

M-F:7:30 A.M.6:00 P.M.
Sat:9:00 A.M.2:00 P.M.